A persona walked into a storyboard…

I know you haven’t heard this one…!

[box type=”note” size=”large” style=”rounded” border=”full” icon=”http://axbom.se/share/joke-icon.png”%5DA persona walked into a storyboard looking for some interaction. At the end of the scenario he found himself eye-tracking a mental model with a wireframe interface. He sorted his cards and managed to think-aloud: ”I love your design pattern, would you like to come back to my iPad for some bodystorming?”. ”Sorry,” she replied, ”you’re just not my prototype.”[/box]

Jag var tvungen att publicera en ”historia” som bara slog mig när jag jobbade med en t-shirt design jag nyligen släppt. Har haft oerhört kul med att spåna ihop dessa och fler, hoppas du gillar.

Om du inte förstår det roliga så är det helt ok. Det här är den nördigaste av den nördigaste UX-humorn man kan bevittna…

You are just not my prototype och Get your Lorem Shitsum out of my site

Inlägget A persona walked into a storyboard… publicerades först på axbom.

Per Axbom

Per Axbom


Per Axbom is a Swedish communication theorist born in Liberia. For two decades he has educated digital professionals and helped organizations with digital usability and accessibility. Per makes tech safe and compassionate through design, coaching and teaching. You can hear his voice on UX Podcast.

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