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20 years ago on November 10, 1997, I bought

I shared my early experiments building websites.

And got my first job as a web designer.

Where I discovered the importance of usability.

I blogged about all I learned and thousands were reading!

I made new friends all over the world!

I started getting speaking engagements!

This gave me the self-confidence to start a company.

So now I’m writing about all these crazy experiences.

And finding treasure everywhere I go.

Having space on the Internet has brought down wall after wall.

Thank you for watching. You’re helping make this happen.

I also think buying that domain name was a pretty good idea. – My space since 1997. Feel free to visit.

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Per Axbom

Per Axbom


Per Axbom is a Swedish communication theorist born in Liberia. For two decades he has educated digital professionals and helped organizations with digital usability and accessibility. Per makes tech safe and compassionate through design, coaching and teaching. You can hear his voice on UX Podcast.

Digital compassion book cover Per's recent handbook on managing ethics in tech, Digital compassion, is available to order from Amazon in Kindle format. Send an e-mail to Per for more options.

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