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Convert newsletters to Atom/RSS feeds

Aug 6, 2019
I found a useful tool allowing me to partake in the joy of well-written newsletters without having them fill up my inbox. The website Kill the Newsletter! (KTN) simply allows you to add them to your feed reader. Here’s how…

The harmful myth of mentally ill shooters in the USA

Aug 4, 2019
Another shooting in the USA, and yet another series of talking points about reasons. One of the most common is mental health. When this talking points ensues, it enforces stigmatisation of people with mental health issues, people who are actually…

Highlights from the Mueller hearing

Jul 25, 2019
On July 24, former special counsel Robert Mueller testified before two House committees. He had already in May – when announcing his retirement – said: “The report is my testimony.” This was an indication that nothing new would come forward…

First, design no harm (why oaths matter)

Jul 1, 2019
At the Adobe 99U conference there was an on-stage conversation between author Courtney E. Martin and Tim Brown, CEO of design firm IDEO. During the interview they touched upon the topic of ethics. Author and design consultant Kim Goodwin reacted…

Accessibility and the art of caring for humans

Nov 22, 2018
At the #t12t accessibility meetup I gave a talk on the sordid history of how people with disabilities have been treated in Sweden. On top of this, many of the tools and words we use actually make it harder to…

Introducing the Inclusive Panda

Feb 12, 2018
As part of my work on practical methods for integrating ethics thinking into your design process I am producing a set of templates and worksheets. My intent is to encourage ethical, sustainable and inclusive design in all organizations by providing…

AMP Letter

Jan 14, 2018
The openness of the world wide web has been formative to my career, my ability to express myself and my insights about the world around me. Aware of how seminal the Internet can be in stimulating equality I am committed…

Confirmshaming – the art of insulting your target group

Dec 2, 2017
Many of us have come to despise them: the intrusive, unsolicited subscription forms promising you the holy grail of insights and knowledge. But the imaginative rudeness of how companies push people into signing up has grown into a competition delving… — 20 years old

Nov 10, 2017
20 years ago on November 10, 1997, I bought I shared my early experiments building websites. And got my first job as a web designer. Where I discovered the importance of usability. I blogged about all I learned and…

Misusability update #2

Nov 10, 2017
Misusability under every rock When writing a book on misguided digital design you are obviously primed to find content that supports your case. And right now I feel overwhelmed by the many examples out there of people being harmed by…

What social platforms could do to fight online harassment

Nov 2, 2017
When I claim that online harassment happens by design I am often met with raised eyebrows. I am not saying that it’s the intent of designers to encourage harassment, but I am saying that it’s what the resulting design is…