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Confirmshaming – the art of insulting your target group

Dec 2, 2017
Many of us have come to despise them: the intrusive, unsolicited subscription forms promising you the holy grail of insights and knowledge. But the imaginative rudeness of how companies push people into signing up has grown into a competition delving… — 20 years old

Nov 10, 2017
20 years ago on November 10, 1997, I bought I shared my early experiments building websites. And got my first job as a web designer. Where I discovered the importance of usability. I blogged about all I learned and…

Misusability update #2

Nov 10, 2017
Misusability under every rock When writing a book on misguided digital design you are obviously primed to find content that supports your case. And right now I feel overwhelmed by the many examples out there of people being harmed by…

What social platforms could do to fight online harassment

Nov 2, 2017
When I claim that online harassment happens by design I am often met with raised eyebrows. I am not saying that it’s the intent of designers to encourage harassment, but I am saying that it’s what the resulting design is…

Misusability update #1

Oct 6, 2017
Your impact on people and planet When I tell people I am writing a book about ethics in digital design many assume that it is a book about dark patterns. While there undoubtedly will be overlap I am more interested in the negative…

The Hidden Persuaders of the Digital Age

Sep 19, 2017
Thank you to everyone who attended my talk on the topic of ethics in design at EuroIA. I am hugely thankful for the opportunity. I am seeing more and more digital solutions that contribute to negative impact, putting people and…

Is GPS data in your photo good or bad?

Aug 18, 2017
I love data and I love the Internet. Because I love people. So much good stuff happens as we have access to more knowledge and more people to interact with around the globe. When we use data to enhance our…


Aug 14, 2017
A practical guide to digital design with a conscience » Preview the worksheets Update November 2019. This book is still in progress in various draft forms and will likely morph into something new. I am currently researching power structures and…

The Crazy World of Superhero Film Rights

Apr 30, 2017
As I was telling someone how Hugh Jackman would have loved to do another movie as Wolverine teaming up with the Avengers they exclaimed: “But Wolverine isn’t Marvel!” This set me off drawing up a map of the different film…

How to delete and revoke their access to your e-mail

Apr 25, 2017
In reports coming out about how the unsubscription service has been selling your data to Uber, it has become glaringly clear that not only are they selling your data (which truly should not surprise you a great deal) but…