Kevin Powell on Mobile Web and Responsive Design

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon Kevin Powell‘s presentation on Slideshare, Why Mobile First isn’t Enough, and the accompanying video. I found his presentation and performance really intriguing and since Responsive Web Design is all the new rave, i.e. something I need to know about, I called him up for an interview.

The sound was a bit shady at times (The Nashville-Stockholm connection on Skype wasn’t to my liking) but I did some extensive editing of this interview and I think you will enjoy the result. Kevin is really articulate, passionate and good at explaining the concepts of designing mobile web sites. I expect him to be speaking at more conferences in the future. You know where you heard of him first ;)


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Check out Kevin’s blog Under the Bed and be sure to follow @kevinmpowell on Twitter!


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Inlägget Kevin Powell on Mobile Web and Responsive Design publicerades först på axbom.

Per Axbom

Per Axbom


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