The systemic complexity of managing a pandemic

A systems map example for #covid19

To try and make sense of factors affecting the management of a pandemic, I created a systems map. This is in no way a complete picture, and certainly not a verified one, but a way of showing the potential complexity. For myself it’s a way to summarize and reflect on much of what I’ve seen in the last month’s reporting.

Examples of the factors at play when looking at how to mitigate spread of disease, and how they may affect one another. The idea is that each factor must be evaluated regularly to support reflective reasoning when making plans of action.

P.S. If anyone has experience in making a diagram like this accessible for more people, I welcome your suggestions on going about this in the best way.

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Per Axbom

Per Axbom


Per Axbom is a Swedish communication theorist born in Liberia. For two decades he has educated digital professionals and helped organizations with digital usability and accessibility. Per makes tech safe and compassionate through reflective reasoning, human-considerate design, coaching and teaching. You can hear his voice on UX Podcast.

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