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Simple tips for working from home

For anyone not used to working from home I understand it may feel odd, with quite a number of technical tools to get used to. Of course there are many people who don’t even have this option, but if you can and want to approach a way of work where your home is sometimes your office I have many tips and ideas. In this image I have collected a handful of these.

In some instances WFH (Work from home) can prove to be a boost in your work well-being!

The tips in text format:

Simple tips for working from home. För those who don’t need physical presence.

  1. Create a meeting room online and check in with co-workers every morning, e.g. whereby.com
  2. Use a good microphone and headphones for video meetings, or a headset.
  3. Use a chat program that works for everyone, e.g. telegram.org or wire.com
  4. Work together live on documents, e.g. via Dropbox Paper, or Trello for planning.
  5. Send sensitive files over encrypted channels,
e.g. send.firefox.com
  6. Practice self-care. Drink water (have a pitcher on the table) and schedule breaks.
  7. Allow yourself to laugh a lot with your colleagues. This works over the Internet too!
  8. Have a set workspace, don’t (always) work in your pyjamas and start your day with a plan.

Extra: During his work experience for school ,my 14-year old made this film to complement the text.


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Per Axbom

Per Axbom


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